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Water Pipe Leak Repair and Re-piping Services (Leaking or Burst Pipe)

A concealed water pipe leak could result in a chaotic circumstance for your home and your month to month costs. Do you realize that a leaking pipe can cause a great many dollars in property harm if not appropriately dealt with? At the point when your water bills turn out to be suspiciously higher than ordinary, you should examine to check whether there is a leakage going on. It is fundamental that the water pipe leak be fathomed at the earliest opportunity to forestall further harms. In the event that you live in a Condo or HDB, you may surmise that a pipe leakage is the duty of the apartment suite administration or the HDB’s, however in fact, the obligation lies with the mortgage holder.

Most water pipe leaks stay undetected until the point that the leakage influences the environment, prompting harms. If the leakage spreads towards electrical establishments and lighting, it might form into an electrical danger. Thus, it is vital to weed out this issue when it is found to keep further harms from occurring.

At Mr Plumber Singapore Plumbing Services, we give water pipe repairs and re-piping administrations in Singapore utilizing the most recent hardware and experienced plumbing temporary workers. We can deal with and repair a wide range of water pipe leak issues, including Exposed or Concealed Copper Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe, PPR pipe, PVC pipe, UPVC pipe, sink pipe, and so on. We likewise give comparable re-piping administrations to homes and business properties. In addition, we likewise handle different leakages issues, for example, water radiator leakage or toilet bowl leakages.

How would you realize you have a water pipe leak?

Larger part of water pipe leaks lamentably happen in spots that are elusive or see. There are concealed pipe leaks that will make the pieces have leakages turning out. There are additionally pipe leaks caused by tree roots underground which could prompt a gigantic wastage of water and flooding around the region. How would we approach finding such shrouded leakages?

There are some regular signs that you will undoubtedly see with the goal that you can deliver the issue ahead of schedule to keep the circumstance from getting desperate. Here are a couple of signs to look out for;

Sound of dribbling or hurrying water inside dividers

In the event that there’s concealed pipes behind the dividers and you can hear drippings or notwithstanding hurrying of water, it is likely a sign that there might be a leakage happening.

An unexplainable increment in your service bill

When you get your service charge, seeing a gigantic increment in water utilization will probably lead you to make a few inquiries if there has been an expansion of water use at home. Be that as it may, if there is nobody utilizing more water that month, you will have motivations to trust that there might be a leakage going on.

Standing water with no source in sight

Puddles of water happening medium-term can be a reason for alert. These cases are regular to our plumbers that went down for the proprietor’s plumbing pipe crisis. The pipes are covered up underneath the flooring. It is constantly because of the pipe leakage that such a puddle can be framed medium-term.

Development of form or water recolors on dividers or roof

Indications of form development demonstrates that there is high dampness content. This can be because of a leakage that has given supplement to the shape to develop. Water stains are evident indications of leakages that might occur around that zone.

In the event that you have seen any of the above indications of leakage, it is best to search for an expert plumber that can investigate the issue and affirm if there’s any concealed leakages going on.

Reasons for a water pipe leak

There are a couple of causes that can prompt water pipe leaks. Understanding the causes will enable you to find out about how these leaks come to fruition. Here’s an incorporated rundown of reasons for a water pipe leak:

Broken seals

Seals are put when the pipes or hardware are introduced. As time passes by, because of wear and tear, the close may break causing the leakage. It is essential to pay special mind to signs before the close breaks. For instance, if there are buildup showing up close to the seal or even puddle around the seal region, you might be looked with a water leakage circumstance.


Clogged pipes

Clogs can happen when there are outside or huge question trapped in the piping. Basic instances of clogs occur around the drainage pipes and sink pipes. As the supply of water or the section of water proceeds with, the weight will start to mount the region of clog, which can result in a flood or pipe burst, causing the leakage. The critical remove is to never bring vast or remote items into these pipes.



Erosion can happen inside the pipes when the pipes starts to rust or if there are destructive materials going through the framework. The erosion will separate the pipe after some time and cause a leakage. In the event that any discolouration or abnormal changes is spotted around the pipes, it very well may be an unmistakable sign that consumption has happened.


Harmed pipe joints

The pipes are frequently just as solid as its weakest connection. For this situation, the weakest connection would be around the interfacing joints of the pipes. The weight is the most elevated when the substance in the pipes, normally squander water, alters course at the joints. This makes the joints have a higher wear and tear rate, in the end prompting a leakage. A decent sign of a defective joint would be the commotion it makes. On the off chance that you hear any ticking or slamming from the course of the joints, you might need to search for a dependable plumber to investigate you case.


Overabundance water weight

Most pipes can just withstand a specific measure of water weight. At the point when the water weight ends up unreasonable, this may cause unneeded strains upon the water pipes, which will in the long run prompt a pipe burst or a water leakage.

Tree roots

Not all pipes leakage is situated inside the home. On the off chance that you live in a landed property, you most likely need to assume liability of the pipes inside your yard. In the event that there’s a tree developing in the yard, there is a probability in which the roots may encroach upon the piping making a leakage occur. Albeit difficult to see, these leakages can be distinguished by wet fixes or sink openings inside the yard or a sudden drop in your water weight.


Outrageous change in Temperature

Outrageous change in temperature can make the pipes grow and contract. At the point when the temperature is hot, the pipes will grow. What’s more, when the temperature is cool, the pipes will contract. This fast change in extension and withdrawal will result in a split in the pipe to frame, making a leakage occur.

Kinds of water pipes in Singapore

There are numerous kinds of pipes being used for plumbing framework in Singapore. Here are a few precedents that you can discover in the market.


PPR is an acronym for Polypropylene Random copolymer pipe. It is for the most part utilized in heated water pressurized plumbing and mechanical frameworks for water supply. PPR pipes can be welded together through combination welding to frame a more extended piping. PPR pipes are savvy and ecological inviting.


Treated steel

Treated steel pipes, as its name infers, are comprised of tempered steel. It is fundamentally utilized in channel water supply, particularly in boiling water supply. Hardened steel is most impervious to rust than contrasted with copper.


PVC remains for polyvinyl chloride. PVC pipes are lighter and simple to work with contrasted with stirred steel pipes. PVC pipes are for the most part utilized for drains or waste pipes, and not as water supply lines. It is normally observed in HDB pads since it is anything but difficult to introduce and requires generally little gear to make into a pipe line.


Inflexible copper

Inflexible copper pipes are generally utilized as a water supply pipe since it doesn’t have any wellbeing perils than contrasted with PVC pipes. These pipes can be effortlessly cut with a hacksaw. Interfacing the pipes anyway will require encounter taking care of to bind the copper together.



PEX remains for cross-connected polyethylene. These pipes are adaptable, shading coded, simple to slice and easy to join. It can even make 90-degree bends effortlessly, settling on it a prevalent decision sum property holders. PEX pipes are for the most part utilized for water supply lines.



ABS, likewise know as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, these pipes can look fundamentally the same as PVC pipes, with the special case that it is dark in appearance. ABS pipes are for the most part found in old building and has been since been supplanted with PVC piping. Like PVC piping, it is basically utilized for drain pipes and vent pipes.


Adaptable copper

Adaptable copper is utilized for making short runs, that is the last association between pipes. This can be regularly observed on water warmers, water supply to water coolers or even the clothes washer. Adaptable copper is effortlessly controlled for it to be fitted in tight corners and can be cut easily, with a hacksaw. It is generally utilized inside because of its failure to stand extraordinary temperatures.


Solid metal

Solid metal are typically found inside old structures and is generally utilized as sewer lines. Solid metal are extraordinary strong and can be utilized until the point that it rusts off totally.


Excited steel

Excited steel pipes are comprised of stirred iron framing into a pipe. These pipes are effectively distinguished by each finish of the pipes being strung and its individual pipes are combined by means of associating joints. Aroused steel pipes are seldom utilized in new development or by unpracticed plumbers. Excited steel must be connected to other recently introduced aroused steel piping.