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Changing over Squatting Toilet Bowl to Sitting WC

We give transformation of Squatting toilet bowl to sitting toilet bowl expansive in Singapore. While most more established home in Singapore are as yet utilizing the squatting toilet bowl, our clients have been asking for a change to sitting toilet bowl generally because of inclination or for solace reason particularly if there is an elderly close to home living in the home. The cost of supplanting the toilet bowl from squatting to sitting begins from $450 (incorporates WC). There are 2 strategies to doing such substitution. The strategies are either overlaying which does not require hacking of the tiles and re hacking.

Toilet bowl Conversion for HDB

To what extent takes every necessary step take?

The time taken can go from 1/2 every day to 1-multi day for the most part contingent upon the entire employment scope.

How would I realize what amount is the correct expense?

The fundamental variety in the expense would hack work and the toilet bowl demonstrate (which can be influenced by the space limitation).

Which brand of toilet bowl would I be provided with?

We are utilizing our in house mark TREO which is being utilized for some HDB extends also.

What would it be a good idea for me to expect out of the entire procedure?

The principal thing of concern would be the cost for the most part. To give a correct and precise statement, we would direct an on location examination at $20 for the vehicle. From that point, the expert can exhort you on what can anyone do demonstrate to you the handouts for the different toilet bowls which is appropriate to be installed in your home. Booking time for arrangement is from 9am – 8pm and an early notification of 2 hours is adequate for us to orchestrate.

I Want A New Toilet Bowl

Is it true that you were lured by that new restroom structure you saw at the Tampines showflat a weekend ago? Or on the other hand do you wish to get rid of your old squat toilet and install another sitting toilet bowl to stay aware of the occasions? Or then again would you just like to redesign your toilet and give it a facelift?

There are numerous reasons why individuals install another toilet. Your decision of new toilet ought not be founded exclusively on its smooth structure or its top of the line mark.

Or maybe, your criteria in choosing another toilet should consider its dependability and demonstrated flush execution. A very proficient and efficient gravity flush toilet will work well for you for a long time to come.

Picking a New Toilet

Toilets have developed as of late.

Regardless of what is your style, there will undoubtedly be a toilet that suits you, from square toilet to tempered steel ones.

These recently planned toilets are considerably more water-proficient and strong, and more averse to get clogged up.

Nowadays, most new toilets have wide entries behind the bowl and wide flush valve openings – highlights that encourage short incredible flushes.

New innovation, for example, the double flush framework enables you to pick between two flushing choices, contingent upon what should be flushed. This implies less re-flushes and a lower likelihood of clogged toilets.

The following are only a few choices you can consider:

One-piece toilets have a tank and bowl made of one consistent unit.

Two-piece toilets have a different tank and bowl. They are more typical and less expensive than one-piece models. The least expensive models are smaller, and have seats that are not as high over the ground as a full-measure show.

Stretched bowls are about 2 inches longer than normal round-bowl models, however the last as a rule cost less.

Hoisted toilets have higher seats, for the most part 18 inches, when contrasted with the standard 15-inch models.

Flush Mechanisms

There are fundamentally two kinds of flush instruments – the gravity-helped flush and the weight helped flush.

Gravity-helped toilets enable water to surge down from a raised tank into the toilet bowl.

Weight helped toilets depend on either compacted air or water siphons to support flushing power. Such toilets are moderately costly, yet they can lessen your water utilization by dispensing with different flushes. Some higher-end toilets are intended to get greatest weight out of a little measure of water. They utilize smaller trapways (the way water takes when going through the bowl) related to expansive distance across flush valves.

Proficient Toilet Installation

Regardless of which toilet you pick, it is a chaotic activity installing it yourself.

We have a group of experts who can enable you to install your new toilet, rapidly and productively.

Reach us for a no-commitment quote today.